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EVAA Basketball

General Information

Registration will open for the 2015-2016 season on June 1, 2015
Registration will close for Travel on August 31, 2015 and try outs will take place in September.
Registration will close for Fall In-house & Skills Training October 10, 2015
Registration will close for Winter In-house & Skills Training December 15, 2015

All scholarship information can be found when you register via NGIN.

Click here for more information on In-house Season & also Skills Training

Click here for more information on Traveling Basketball
* Traveling basketball has additional costs for team tournament entry fees
* Most Travel tournaments have admission fees at the door each day for parents, siblings, etc.
* All Travel families will have work hours to complete in our hosted tournaments.

* If your son or daughter does not live in the Eastview boundaries, please review our policy documentation by going to the "About Us" page and clicking on the two links on the right side.

Volunteers Welcome

We welcome interest in a board position and/or general volunteer help
Please contact Jill Peterson if you are interested
Click here for her contact information

Sponsored by Sports Authority is a big sponsor of our EVAA basketball program.  Thank you!

Sports Authority is a big sponsor of our EVAA basketball program. Thank you!

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EVAA Basketball Happenings

  • May
  • 11
EVAA Basketball Board Meeting
  • Jun
  • 8
EVAA Basketball Board Meeting
  • Jul
  • 13
EVAA Basketball Board Meeting
  • Aug
  • 10
EVAA Basketball Board Meeting
  • Sep
  • 14
EVAA Basketball Board Meeting

Pictures Welcome

We created a page in the Traveling section called "Tourney Champions".  When your team wins a tourney, send us the team pic, the name of the team, and the date/location of the tourney.  We'll then post it on our site for the season.  Send the information to the EVAA website admin Tom.  Click here for his contact information.

Click here to see the picture slide show.