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Off Season Development

This information is to let you know about upcoming basketball development opportunities for your child.  The off-season is twice as long as the traveling basketball season, so off-season development is important.  Especially in the larger context of learning to set goals, to achieve them, and to keep trying.

1. AAU Programs:

AAU basketball programs allow your child to further develop basketball skills and create bonds with teammates from other schools.  AAU programs vary in terms of cost and expectations.  Season typically runs from March - June, usually includes 2 practices/week and several weekend tournaments.  Tryouts are usually in the fall for the next summer. 

Here are a few south metro AAU teams that Eastview players have been part of: 

2.  Spring / Summer Teams 

If AAU isn’t a good fit, it’s possible for players to form their own teams to play in the same tournaments that AAU teams play in.   You would be responsible for finding a coach, players, uniforms, and gym time.  CLICK HERE for various MYAS tournaments.    Email if you are interested in finding out more!

3.  3v3 Leagues  

4. Basketball Camps - 

5. General Conditioning – Pushups help with shot strength; Pullups help with rebounding; Situps help with core strength; Stairs (running and jumping up stairs) help with leg strength.  Running cross country helps stamina.  Other sports like softball, volleyball and soccer make better all-around athletes. 

6. Saturday's at the Park - information coming soon hopefully! 

Minnesota School of Basketball

If you are interested in additional trainings, we are fortunate to have Minnesota School of Basketball here in Apple Valley! Pricing : $60/hour for one player or $40/hour each for two athletes. Pricing is available for 3+ athletes too. More details on their website!

Scott Sikich

Player Development Coordinator

2021 BOYS shot club participants!

2021 BOYS shot club participants!

2021 GIRLS shot club participants!

2021 GIRLS shot club participants!

Welcome to 2022 Shot Club!

Welcome to 2022 Shot Club!

This is a fun way to get your athlete to practice and work towards 5,000+ shots over the summer!  Athletes will be rewarded during the travel season for 5,000+ shots, with extra benchmarks and different rewards for 10,000+ and 15,000+ shots!

Counting of ATTEMPTED shots will be from June 1st until August 31st. I will periodically reach out with a different challenge or group opportunity to make taking our shots more fun. 

You will record your shots on the links below on the website.  It is listed as your grade for the upcoming 2022-23 school year.  If you don't see your name, add it at the bottom, along with a parent's email address and I will get you recorded and then put within your grade level.  


Have fun shooting!  


2022 Fall Trainings

Dates and Times : TBD - Stay Tuned



Dribbling Routines

Looking to improve your ball handling?  Try doing 8 weeks of these videos!  Can you do each one 5 times during that week?  Each routine should take you 5-10 minutes.  Think how much you could improve if you do 50 minutes of ball handling over the whole week?!

WEEK 1 - 

WEEK 2 - 

WEEK 3 - 

WEEK 4 -  

WEEK 5 - 

WEEK 6 - 

    • similar to workout #1...except EYES CLOSED the whole time!!
    • Video doesn't show it, but keep your EYES CLOSED the whole time!!

WEEK 7 -

    •  similar to workout #4...except EYES CLOSED the whole time!!
    • SAME VIDEO as #4...but keep your EYES CLOSED the whole time!!
    • SKIP dribble agains the wall, could get dangerous since your eyes are closed!!

WEEK 8 - 

    • Pick 7 different drills to do each time
    • They can change each day
    • Set a timer for 1 minute per drill (7 minute total)
    • These are all drills you've done the past 7 weeks