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Past Shot Club photos
  • 6B2 - Tayten D. Luke W. and Isaiah W.

  • 4G1 - Neveah G., Taylor S., and Alexa G.

  • 8B2 - Brady, Ben, and Ethan

  • 4B1 - brothers Landon H. and Connor H.

  • 3rd graders Landon H. Alexa G. and Connor H.

  • 7G2

    6 of the 10 girls participated in shot club!!
  • 6th grade - Ethan M.

    The only one on his team that did shot club!
  • 4th grade B team - Max W. and Isaac W.

    Congrats to the W. brothers! Good work!
  • 7G1

    9/10 girls on the 7th grade team completed 10,000 shots each! You go girls!!!
  • Kindergartner - Lolo O.

    Youngest player ever to complete 5,000 shots!!
  • 7B2 - Jonah G. Orion S. and Brenden S.


Past Shot Club photos