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Info for Parents

General Eastview Lacrosse Information

Like most sports, Lacrosse is an age based sport. The cutoff for playing levels in August 31. Players with birthdays falling between June and August may age into higher grade if the child is an "older" student of that particular grade. For example: An older 6th grader may age into a mostly 7-8 grade team. Older rising 8th grade players are allowed to play a bonus year at the 14U (resulting in three years of 14U).

Age waivers may be available for summer birthdays to play with their grade. Waivers are granted on a case by case basis. Please reach out the program directors as waivers must be approved by the lacrosse leagues.

These are the rules of USA Lacrosse, where all local community associations play.

14U 7th-8th Full 10 v 10 yes yes none yes
12U 5th-6th Full 10 v 10 yes yes none yes
10U 3rd-4th Modified (small) 7 v 7 yes yes 1 attempt after faceoff no
8U 1st-2nd Modified (small) 5 v 5 no no 1 attempt after goal restart no



Please be aware that shoulder pad and chest protector standards have changed. All age levels (8U-14U, including goalies) for summer 2022 need to meet the NOCSAE standard ND200. All chest protectors and shoulder pads must contain the NOCSAE logo and SEI certification mark on both the packaging and the product to be legal for play.

USA Lacrosse Membership

The governing body for lacrosse is USA Lacrosse. A current USA Lacrosse membership is required to register for Eastview lacrosse. Memberships must be renewed on an annual basis. For more information, please visit USA Lacrosse.

YLM Resources

Eastview boys lacrosse participates in the YLM (Youth Lacrosse Minnesota) league. Additional lacrosse related information is available.

US Lacrosse Parents Guide

Parents Guide from US Lacrosse