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Team Selection Criteria

Team sizes are based on selecting a group of players with comparable skills. As a result team sizes will vary from 9-11 players. Past experience has shown that it is better to have a team where the players are all at or above a skill threshold than to have a wide range of abilities on the same team.

Our teams are a combination of developmental and competitive teams. As a result, the emphasis is on providing the best opportunity to develop volleyball skills in a competitive environment. It is important to remember that in the vast majority of cases the reason a player is not selected is due to a limited number of spots and how they compare to the players selected. All players develop at different rates and we encourage players not selected to try again in following seasons.

The following factors are considered for all age groups:

  • Physical Ability: we are looking at running, jumping, strength and agility.
  • Coachability: how well does the player pay attention, listen to the coach and apply instructions.
  • Attitude: we are looking for positive, committed and focused players.
  • Volleyball Skills: the higher the age, the more volleyball skills become of a factor.

Additional factors for our U14 and older teams:

  • Volleyball Skills - We are looking for skills specific to a position as well as general skills.
  • Position - There are a limited number of spots available in each position. Players are selected to best fill team requirements in a position: (setting, hitting, defense)
  • Team Chemistry - How well does the player respond to and work with other players? Does the player trust their potential teammates?  Is the players committed to the team more than their own self-interest?
  • Role Development - As players develop, their roles on the team become more defined. Our teams are selected to maximize the development of players into their roles.