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EVAA In-House Volleyball

In-house Volleyball

Eastview In-House Volleyball offers girls AND boys the opportunity to learn volleyball basics in a fun environment.  Our program is open to 3rd through 5th graders in the Eastview/Apple Valley area and costs $55.00.  Our teams will be a combination of all of these age groups as we do not have enough players in each age group to form separate divisions. 

If you are interested in In-house volleyball for your 6th through 12th graders please visit the VAA website.  They have a program for these age players.  There is a link to this website in the lower right hand corner of this page.

Please note that we have to cap registration for each session:  The Fall cap is 72 players and the Spring cap is 54 players.  When registrations are open; please do not wait to register and potentially miss the chance to participate.

We offer two In-House seasons; one in the Fall from September to October and one in the spring from early April to mid May.

The teams meet twice each week for one hour. Once during the week between 6-9:00pm on Monday, Tuesday OR Thursday depending on our gym time allocation. The second is on Saturday morning or early afternoon. The focus of this program is on developing skills while retaining the participation and fun aspect of "In House".

Teams will be coached by parents who receive training, instructional materials and support from experienced coaches.

In-House Coordinator: Steve Manni at

EVAA Volleyball Program Director: Stephanie Uittenbogaard at


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VAA In-House Volleyball

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For In-House Volleyball for boys and girls in grades 6th through 12th.