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EVAA Volleyball Board

The EVAA Volleyball Board is looking for some new members.  We have several board members that will be ending their tenure on our board in the next two years and we need to bring on new members now so they can learn how we operate.  Please consider joining our board and helping to continue the wonderful volleyball programs we offer. 

Please contact Lindsey Ryan via phone at 651-366-7473 or via email at to discuss joining our EVAA Volleyball Board.

Lindsey Ryan - Program Director (since 2019)

Lindsey has recently taken over as club director and is very excited to continue the great program established by Stephanie. She is dedicated and passionate about creating a safe, welcoming, and empowering environment for young athletes to grow, be successful, and contribute to their communities.
Lindsey has been playing volleyball for 15 years and coaching volleyball for over 6 years working with athletes of all ages. Lindsey played D-III volleyball at Luther College for 4 years. She believes in empowering young female athletes while teaching skills, developing character, and pushing them to reach their goals. As a Certified Personal Trainer and with a B.A in Health and Fitness Promotion, Lindsey also incorporates elements of health and wellness into her training.

Shelby Stehn - Assistant Club Director

Marcus Johnson - In-House Coordinator (since 2019)

As the In-House Volleyball Coordinator, I put together the Schedules and Team Rosters.  In-House Volleyball is Offered to our 3rd through 5th Grade Athletes in the Spring and Fall of Each Year.

Denise Bergevin - Treasurer (since 2018)

Heather Schierenbeck – Concessions and Volunteer Coordinator (since 2015)

I am in charge of all of the concessions for our Spring Dig tournament.   I also coordinate the volunteers for this tournament and help families meet their required volunteer hours.  I have three daughters that have played at the inhouse, fall traveling, or winter JO level.  I have also had the opportunity to coach at the inhouse and fall traveling level.

Laura Schauf - Website Manager (since 2018)

I work with the Volleyball Board to provide accurate and timely information about our volleyball programs.  This includes rosters and schedules as well as posting of try-out times and pictures of our teams and tournaments throughout the year.  I am also responsible for the Spring Survey that is done with our Winter JO club.  My daughter, Lizzie, has been playing in the EVAA volleyball program since 2015 - in-house, travelling, and JO.

Dawna Novack - Equipment Manager (since 2018)

Shannon Martenson - Secretary (since 2019)

Currently Open Positions:



At large board members are also needed – these members hold no formal position but help out as needed.

Positions that will Open in 2020:



(Please join our board now so you can train with the current person to make hand-off much easier)