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Coach Requirements

All Fusion Softball Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must complete the following tasks prior to engaging in any formal activities with their team:

1) Complete a criminal background check by following instructions which will be provided by EVAA. Background checks must be completed annually and must be submitted for each individual sport for tracking purposes (EVAA is not charged extra for checks performed on the same person for multiple sports).

2) Complete online concussion training initially and once every 3 years as of September 1, 2011, in accordance with Minnesota State Statute.

Concussion training is available for free online at

Once you have completed the training register your completion and upload your certificate.  Use the link below.

Coach Application

Tri-County Checklist

The Tri-County website has a checklist that coaches can go through to ensure they have everything set up properly, you'll want to go through this once the teams are registered with the League.

Code of Conduct

Concussion Awareness