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2022 Fundraising Information



This year’s fundraiser is again through the Gertens Plants Online Fundraiser Program.  We find that most people buy plants in the spring and are excited that we deliver them right to their homes.  Gertens has a great reputation for having healthy plants that makes them extremely easy to sell!

Minimum sales of $300.00 for each family – buyout is $150.00. Every plant and gift card sold helps to reduce the buyout.

Gift cards DO count towards the minimum sales requirement, but only half as much as plants do (i.e. you can sell $600 in gift cards instead of $300 in plants to get to the minimum, o $200 in gift cards and $200 in plants, etc)

If you sell more than the $500.00 minimum, the “AV Gives Back” program kicks in and for every $25.00 over the minimum you sell, you will get back $5.00. Gift cards do not count for the AV Gives Back program.

Example: If you sell $760.00 worth of products, you would deduct the $500  sales so you would have $260.00 that would be eligible for the AV gives back.  So for every $25.00 you get $5.00 back for a total of $50.00 that would be in your envelope when you pick up your products.

Returning this year: The Fusion Team that raises the most money for the program will celebrate with a team Pizza Party!! 


All orders must be entered by 10PM on April 6th.

All orders are entered online here:

  • Our store ID code for Apple Valley Fusion Fastpitch Softball: 150
  • Remember to enter the softball player’s name in the “Seller’s Name” box
  • Gertens cannot accept any orders past the deadline


Saturday April 29, 2023

Apple Valley Aquatic Center Parking Lot

14421 Johnny Cake Ridge Road

Apple Valley, MN 55124

Pick up hours: 1-3pm

All information is located at:

Questions please contact Derek Lusk:

This fundraising effort helps us build a strong program.