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2016 Board Elections - Apple Valley Field House Sept 13 7pm

By EVAA Softball, 09/03/15, 12:00PM CDT


I hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day holiday weekend. Next weekend is a big weekend for all things Softball. The Fall Ball teams will all be competing in the Apple Valley UTL tournament, then the regular season games on Sunday afternoon and then we have the Board Meeting at the Apple Valley Field House at 7pm. 
As you know, the Fall Ball season is the first season in which the Apple Valley and EVAA players have merged to form teams. Although we are still officially two separate organizations, I will be chairing a committee to help make this one official program by the 2016 season. 
The September Board meeting (7pm Apple Valley Field House on Hayes Rd) brings with it election night where three of the four elected Board positions will be available and voted upon for the next two years (Director, Assistant Director, and Treasurer). 
As you may or may not know, this September marks the end of my term as Director of EVAA Softball. After much deliberation and debate, I have decided that even if I am nominated to serve as Director for the next two years, I will politely decline and next Sunday will mark the end of my term as Director.  I will continue to serve on the Board and will particularly focus on two areas with one being the chairing of the combination committee and the other being the vacant and badly needed tryout coordinator.  Being on the Board for another two years will help ensure that we will have a smooth transition to the new Director and that there will be plenty of continuity. 
I would like to thank all Board members and parents for their support and kind words over the past two years. I took on the position two years ago out of necessity (had I not, we wouldn't have had a softball organization) and I was happy to do so. If the occasion rises again, I will most certainly step up to it as well, but feel the time is perfect to pass this on if someone is willing and able. 
I have learned a lot about fast pitch and youth sports in general over the past two years. Although you may not agree with every decision that has been made, I can tell all of you that every decision that has been made in the past two years has been done with a great amount of research and then brought to the board for deliberation.  Sometimes there are no easy answers, and I have lost sleep over some decisions, but can honestly say I exhausted all avenues to make sure we come up with the best possible solutions for our girls.  It has been a pleasure to serve our girls, and I look forward to continuing that service. 
As most of you know, I do this because I want our girls to learn the life lessons that this sport teaches them. Some of the most important lessons I learned in life, and what I can attribute to my success today, I learned in Little League baseball.  I started giving that back by coaching in-house, and I'm not sure what happened but a few years later I am neck deep in it all. No regrets, and I can already see some of our girls "get it" and I know they will be successful in life. That's why I do this. I don't have time for it, but I make time, and although it could be maddening at times, when the girls hit the field, everything else just melted away. 
I would like you all to thank your daughters for me. Over the past two years I have gotten to know a lot of them well, and I can't speak for other sports, but I honestly believe we have the best group of girls of any sport and any association. They have truly made the past two years so much fun for me. They are positive, hard-working, and passionate athletes. One of my favorite things to do is invite friends and neighbors who don't have daughters in fast pitch to attend our games. Seeing their jaws drop when they see the level our girls play at just never gets old. 
Please consider running for the Board. We will need a Director, Assistant Director and Treasurer at a minimum here to carry on.  I will be around for the next two years to help and guide. If you are interested, as I have talked to a couple of people already, please let me know. To serve, you will need to be nominated by a board member, seconded by another board member and voted in by ballot. 
Additionally we will need the following non-voted positions filled (needn't be a board position, but can be):
  • Traveling Coordinator
  • In-House Coordinator
  • Tournament Selection Coordinator
  • Fields and Umpire Coordinator
  • Fall Ball Hosting Coordinator (New position created after last week)
Thank you. Please consider joining us next Sunday at the Apple Valley Field House at 7pm.