Policy Statement. The Eastview Athletic Association (EVAA) appreciates volunteer time and effort. To further promote the safety of its communities, EVAA requires Volunteers to follow its Safety Requirements:

  1. Demonstrating completion of concussion training every three years per the EVAA Concussion Policy.
  2. Passing an EVAA Background Check every two years per the EVAA Background Check Policy.
  3. Complying with other communicated requirements, including the EVAA Code of Conduct and the EVAA Complaint & Reporting Policy, and any other trainings or requirements for the applicable sport/program.
  4. Registering for a coach registration record for each volunteered sport, each season, within SportsEngine, including attesting to completion of the above requirements (as applicable).

Consistent Registration. EVAA uses SportsEngine to register and roster its coaches, volunteers, and athletes; Volunteers are strongly encouraged to use a consistent, personal SportsEngine profile when registering to help EVAA accurately track Volunteers and completion of their Safety requirements. Coaches and Volunteers will be expected to complete a new coach/volunteer registration record for every sport and season to ensure effective tracking; such registration will require attesting to completion of these requirements and providing evidence as requested.

Questions or Concerns. Matters regarding EVAA Safety Requirements should be directed to the EVAA Board Safety Director.