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First Ski Session This Sunday - January 8

Welcome to the EVAA Ski Program, and our partnership with the Minnesota Youth Ski League. Please see the message below from Kyle Schwarting, the Director of the program at Lebanon Hills that EVAA is partnered with.


 Hello ski families!


Our session dates for 2023 are as follows:  Jan 8, Jan 15, Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 19, Feb 26

Time:  12:45- 2:00 


We need more coaches! Please contact me if you are able to coach and have not yet discussed this with me or Scott, our lead coach.  We will host a mini-session for adults/parents after our session two meeting on January 15th. It is fun, easier than you think, and the best way to learn to ski.

Land Acknowledgement: Please understand and acknowledge the land we live and ski on is Dakota land. Let's honor this truth and be partners in taking care of the land. "Acknowledgment is a critical public intervention, a necessary step toward honoring Native communities and enacting the much larger project of decolonization and reconciliation." Find out more here and here.


Please plan to arrive in the parking lot at least by 12:30 since we start skiing at 12:45. The address is 860 Cliff Road, Eagan, MN 55123 which is at the Visitor Center near Schulz Lake.

There are over 100 skiers this year. Skiers will find the check in table to get their bib which will have their name and group color on it. Then, skiers will find the flag and ski coach with matching colored bibs. For example, if you are in the purple group then the coach will have a purple bib on as well as a purple flag. You are responsible for your skier wearing this bib to the ski club. This helps keep your skier safe and so we can get to know them by using their name.


Weather and cancellation policy

We will not ski if the air temperature is below -10˚ F, or the wind chill is below -30˚ F, or at the leader's discretion. Cancellations will be communicated through email.

 Ski condition at Lebanon Hills

Lebanon Hills Ski Conditions
If there are un-skiable conditions at Lebanon Hills, we will move to the Hyland Park Reserve in Bloomington (10145 Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington, MN 55438) where they have snowmaking equipment. We will meet from 11:45 to 1:00. We apologize for having to meet at the earlier time but due to the high demand we have to take the time assigned to us. More information will be shared if we are to meet at Hyland.


  1. Please use your discretion noting your child's activity level and the outside temperature/wind chill. Often a winter jacket and snow pants or a snowsuit are too warm once the child gets skiing. They will warm up quickly, so it is okay if they are a little bit cold to begin with.
  2. Children should be dressed in layers. A moisture wicking under layer, an insulating layer, and a windproof layer are typically appropriate. Each layer should be breathable.
  3. Make sure to dress your child in a waterproof and windproof outermost layer. Cross-country skiing often requires hard work and skiers may sometimes fall down. Without a waterproof layer, the child could get wet from falling down, which makes for a cold and uncomfortable session.
  4. Make sure your skier is wearing a hat, insulated & waterproof gloves, and warm socks. Wool socks are the best choice for cross-country skiing.
  5. Avoid long scarfs that could fall off or get in the way. A better option is a nordic buff. Here is an example of what a nordic buff looks like
  6. Try to avoid cotton because it has little insulation capabilities and once it gets wet, it stays wet and can create a miserable experience.
  7. Pay attention to the weather. On colder days, more layers are appropriate. If it is warmer out, do not overdress your child. It is never fun to be too hot or to have to carry around layers.


3. Label Your Equipment: Please be sure to label your skis and poles with your child’s name. Colorful duct tape works well for this process and painters tape. Many youth skis are the same brand and size and they are easy to mix up. We often remove our poles and skis to engage in different games/activities.


See the attached map for your meeting location. This is the same as last year for returning skiers. You can find your skier's level in the parent portal or double check with me. Level 5 and 6 will meet where it says level 5.

Please reach out with any questions.


Welcome to Cross-Country (Nordic) Skiing


Registration for the 2023 EVAA Cross Country Ski program is now open!

 As in previous years, our program will be run in collaboration with the Minnesota Youth Ski League, a statewide organization with the mission of developing and promoting the participation and enjoyment of cross-country skiing for youth and their families.

Cross-country skiing provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Great cross-training for fall and summer sports
  • Helps children learn to enjoy the outdoors during winter.
  • Provides a great low-impact, cardiovascular workout
  • Helps learn a life-long sport that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The program is open to skiers ages 4-15 and designed for skill levels ranging from beginner to experienced. For the younger children, parents may need to be “on the snow” with their children (although not necessarily on skis).

Our sessions with the Minnesota Youth Ski League will meet for eight Sunday afternoons in January (8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th) and February (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th) at Lebanon Hills ski trails in Eagan from 12:45 - 2:00 if snow conditions are good. Due to capacity restrictions in Hyland Park Reserve in Bloomington, we do NOT expect to have the option to hold our sessions there if Lebanon Hills does not have sufficient snow cover.  Although skiers will build their skills and learn to enjoy skiing the most by participating each week, there is no problem if scheduling conflicts arise and a skier is unable to attend.


The program registration fee for the season is expected to be $80 and includes membership in the Minnesota Youth Ski League, eight scheduled group ski outings and an EVAA logo item such as a t-shirt or hat. 

Equipment Rental: A limited amount of ski equipment is available for rental to both participants in the Full Program and the Rental Equipment Only program. Rental fee for the season is expected to be $75, and includes boots, skis, and (if appropriate for the age of the skier) poles. Equipment will be picked up at a location in Apple Valley and returned in April or May once the snow is gone for the season.


No, the in-person sessions provided as part of the program should not be considered ski lessons. The EVAA/Minnesota Youth Ski League collaboration is designed to promote and encourage skiing in a positive and supportive environment so that youth can ski with others of similar ability and increase their skills together. Although the volunteer leaders use teaching curriculum with specific learning goals for each group, we prefer to use the term “ski outings” rather than “ski lessons”.  If you are looking for ski lessons, contact the program director to obtain recommendations for private organizations that conduct lessons.

Dave Freed

Program Director


The Eastview Girls Nordic Ski Team won the South Suburban Conference Championship at Hyland Park Reserve on Wednesday, Jan 28.


The Eastview High School Girls Nordic Ski Team was  featured in an article in the Star Tribune a few years ago.  Click on the link below to read the story.

Kylie Kraemer of Eastview High School


We have a Shutterfly account that displays photos from our 2014 sessions. We would love to have additional photos from more recent seasons added!

Click here to gain access.

A Video promoting a similar program

The "Winter Kids" organization in Portland, Maine also has a youth cross-country ski program.  We thought you might enjoy seeing how some of their kids feel about cross-country skiing.

Important Information for Skiing at Hyland