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EVAA Board Openings

EVAA is looking for board members. We are always looking for interested volunteers, so if something doesn't appeal to you - reach out to us!

Please review the below openings and descriptions:

Fundraising Director

The Fund Raising Director is responsible for for overseeing all the fundraising functions of EVAA. Responsibilities include managing the budget, managing workers or volunteers, organizing events, developing donors, and grant writing. This role must create effective strategies for maximizing donations.  Essential Functions include:

Raise awareness of funding opportunities:  In coordination with the Marketing Director, implement a variety of marketing strategies and promotional campaigns, including writing, submitting, and uploading press releases as required.

Build relationships with key people:  Establish positive relationships with prospects in every sector, including government representatives and members of the media and attend special events put on by the non-profits, which can include parties or charity events, and speak with guests about the advantages of EVAA.

Prepare and monitor budgets:  Prepare yearly budgets with updates every quarter to determine what the fundraising goals are going to be. Formulate policies with the Board of and evaluate the effectiveness of specific events and advertising campaigns to determine which ones work well and which ones should be abandoned

Tennis Director

We are in need of a new program director for our Tennis Program. Please contact Jason Petti if interested! 

Jason Petti

EVAA President

Facilities Director

Our Facilities director works in partnership with our city representatives to reserve the various fields and facilities used by our programs, and our technology director to ensure schedules are appropriately populated.

Keep a 90 Day Perspective:  Assist all Program Directors and Board with seeing availability and activities for all sports at least 90 days ahead by using a 90 Day Activity Plan tool up to date within Teams. 

Own the relationships with Facilities:  Ensure EVAA has a strong relationship with all those responsible for allocating spaces available for all EVAA sports such as Apple Valley Fields Superintendent, and Hope Field House for space used by basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse.  

Keep Current on Facility Availability: Proactively ensure availability, as required, for all the facilities used by EVAA sports programs throughout the year. 

Roles Recently Filled


The Secretary shall be elected for a period of two (2) years.  This position will be responsible for keeping records of Board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each board member, and assuring that corporate records are maintained.  

3. Essential Functions:

          3.1. Maintain all records of reporting:  Own and manage the process of capturing and disseminating information across the organization.  Ensure corporate records are maintained and accurate.

            3.2. Maximize BOD Meeting output:  Provide notice of meetings of the Board and/or of a Committee when such notice is required.  Take,  distribute and review BOD meeting minutes in a timely manner.  Send  reminders for action items within one week of meeting and reminders for next meeting one week prior to meeting.

            3.3. Assume other responsibilities as needed:  Participate on select committees where appropriate. Assume responsibilities of the chair in absence of critical leadership.


The Vice President works closely with the President to carry out the organization’s core initiatives and can stand-in for the President if he or she is absent from a meeting, vote or event. Perform tasks as requested by the President.  Essential functions include:

3.1. Serves, Leads and Supports Committees:  Leads the Operations and Nominating Committee and serves on the Finance Committee.

Responsible for Fiscal and Insurance Oversight: Works with the Treasurer by reviewing all invoices related to field operations and confirming with Treasurer for payment. Responsible for securing all insurance for the Organization,  including annual policy and insurance for special events.

Assume other responsibilities as needed:  Reviews all contractual agreements to ensure compliance and establishes official Organization relationship with legal counsel.

Safety Director

The Safety Director ensures that all Coaches and Board members have completed and are current with their background check. They also ensure that all Coaches and Assistant Coaches have completed and are current with their concussion checks and, where applicable, have completed their SafeSport Certification.  Essential Functions:

Ensure Background Checks are all current:  Working with EVAA Technical Services Director and Program Directors ensure all Board members, Coaches and Assistant Coaches have current background checks that are acceptable.

Ensure Concussion Checks are all current:  Working with EVAA Technical Services Director and Program Directors ensure all Coaches and Assistant Coaches have completed concussion checks and have current certificates.

Ensure SafeSports Certification completed:  Working with EVAA Technical Services Director and Program Directors ensure all Coaches and Assistant Coaches, where applicable, have completed SafeSports course and have current certificates.

Program Liaison Director

The Program Liaison Director is responsible for maintaining regular contact with all Programs Directors, building relationships and being the lynchpin for key communications between the Board, Committees and Sports Programs.  Essential Functions include:

Brief programs on services and responsibilities:  With constant changes in Program Boards and members, this role ensures that Programs represent themselves at the Board, receive Board meeting notes and communications and that programs are aware of the resources available to them.

Facilitating any disputes to an amicable outcome:  Working with the Programs, and the Board, help avoid disputes between programs themselves or between the Board and programs. In the event that a dispute occurs, ensure it is dealt with fairly, quickly and amicably.

Help improve services and resources to programs:  By maintaining close contact with the programs, help ensure the Board is providing services and resources to help them run their programs as efficiently as possible and with the maximum benefit to the community.