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EVAA Fastpitch Softball

Softball Program Updates

Fall Ball Season:  The Fall Ball season is under way.  We appreciate efforts of the volunteers assisting with Fall Ball Hosting.   

Update February 2016: The EVAA Softball Board and AV Softball Board have now officially combined programs.  We hope to see you on the fields.  As is the case with all mergers, there will be some things that we need to work through.  We ask for your patience in these matters.  If you have questions, please let us know.

14U and 16U 2017 Tryout Information

PLEASE NOTE: NEW DATE: Tryouts for the 2017 Season will be held August 9th, Tuesday at the EVHS Varsity Field.  More information available soon.  



Registration Links

Traveling Softball: 10U and 12U: Closed

League Only (CBall) Softball: 8U, 10U, 12U: Closed

In-House Softball: K-3rd grade: Closed 

Softball Levels

Traveling Fastpitch Softball

The Traveling Fastpitch Softball program serves girls from age 8-16. Traveling Softball includes league games and practices on weeknights and tournaments on weekends. The Summer season runs from April through July. Fall Traveling Softball is a shorter season from late August to early October with games on weekends.

League-only Traveling Fastpitch Softball

League-only (LO) or C Ball Traveling Softball serves girls age 8-12 with a summer season running from May through July. League Only includes league games and practices on weeknights. League-only differs from full Traveling Softball in that LO teams generally don't participate in weekend tournaments and competes at the C level as opposed to the A or B level.

In-house Fastpitch Softball

In-house Fastpitch Softball serves girls ages 6-8 (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) with a Summer season running from late April through June. Teams generally play two games per week.

New to Fastpitch Softball?

If you are new to Fastpitch softball, please access our "new to softball" page to learn more about the EVAA Fastpitch Softball program and the options you have.

High School Softball Links

If you are looking for information about the Eastview High School Softball program, please visit

Apple Valley High School Logo

If you are looking for information about the Apple Valley High School Softball program, please visit

Fastpitch Softball News

In-house Fastpitch Softball Registration Open

02/15/2016, 1:30pm CST
By CRKussmann

Register now for In-House softball!

Registration is Open for In-House Softball!

The In-House program serves girls age 6-9 (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) in the Eastview and Apple Valley High School draw areas with a Summer season running from late April through June. Teams generally play two games per week. At the youngest ages, coaches pitch. At the 2nd-3rd grade level the program transitions to machine-pitch. The In-house program is focused on both fun and skill development. Girls play at their current grade level as of the start of the season. Teams are formed, when possible, by placing girls with other players from their school or neighborhood.
For more information please see the following websites:
If you have any questions please contact Tony Jacobson. 

10U and 12U 2016 Tryout Information


  • West St. Paul Dome: 1655 Livingston Ave, West St Paul, MN 55118

Dates and Times

March 5:

  • 12U general tryouts: 3-5 pm
  • pitching/catching tryouts (mainly 10U): 5-6 pm

March 12: 

  • 10U general tryouts: 3-5 pm
  • pitching/catching tryouts (mainly 12U): 5-6 pm

Softball Program Updates

November 2015: The EVAA Softball Board and AV Softball Board are working to combine programs for the benefit of our community girls. As is the case with all mergers, to merge correctly takes time to ensure that all measures are appropriately scoped and provisioned. We ask for your patience in these matters, and our goal is to have the merger completed by January 1, 2016.

July 2015: We have some exciting news to share for this upcoming fall and 2016 Softball seasons.  As many of you already know we have been working diligently to uncover our options to provide the best possible program for all age levels of our softball community.  After several months of discussions with our counterparts to the east we have agreed that the best possible outcome for our two organizations is for us to merge our programs moving forward.  Together with the Eastview program we feel we can offer a program second to none in the area.

Why this move? Both AV and Eastview programs haven't really had the numbers to support separate organizations, and as a result, we have had to find other homes for our community girls to play softball and we have had community girls play at levels that were either too far above or below their ability.  With the merging of the girls’ programs, we will lessen the probability of having to turn away community girls for our program.  We will also have more flexibility to form more teams at every age group which will increase the probability of having a team at every level which will provide girls a chance to play and develop at an appropriate level.

In sum, we are making this move because both associations believe it is in the best interest of ALL girls in our communities who want to play fast pitch softball.  We have been combining our in-house programs for years and have often talked about merging our programs more, and we feel now is the time.